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Whether you yearn to be a panic-free public speaker, or a sparkling conversationalist, renowned speaker and author Laurie Smale’s myth-busting three-book trilogy has all the simple answers to your communicating fears.

Jam-packed with a lifetime of tried-and-proven tips and strategies born from decades of seminars and coaching sessions (see the testimonials page), each of these mind-opening books, paper-back or e-book, is a powerful entity unto itself - yet especially written to complement the other two books of the series. Be assured the ideas and inspirations they embody will weave their same practical magic for you!

Your Three-Book Freeway to Panic-Free Communicating

Finding me, finding you book cover

This inspirational book of self-acceptance gets ‘You Right First’, for true communicating confidence depends on you being comfortable with where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’d like to be. 


REVIEW of this book:
"This amazing book relates to us all and affected me profoundly. Interestingly, I first met the author more than 25 years ago at a professional speakers conference and I well remember I was in awe of his enthusiasm for life, his confidence, his conversational skills, and the way he engaged with every single person in that room. Little did I know of the incredible journey he had travelled and was still coming to terms with. I can only say that this exceptional book has intensified my admiration even more for the way in which he has overcome the adversities life has thrown at him… especially the way he continues to help others make the most of who they are too. One of the best books I've read." 

-  Peter Bunworth


How to be a conversational successBOOK 2. HOW TO BE A CONVERSATIONAL SUCCESS! 2nd Edition 
Now okay with yourself and ready to make the most of who you are, this treasure of a book will open your mind to knowing you have something to say; will show you how to effortlessly strike up a conversation whatever the situation; then deftly guide the interaction to a memorable conclusion. 

REVIEW  of this book:
“If, like many people, you find it difficult to make light conversation when meeting people or know that you’re not engaging, then you have the answer to your problems in your hands. I’ve personally recommended and bought thousands of copies of Laurie Smale's original How to Be a Conversational Success! to give friends, clients and families so they can discover the secrets to wit, vivacity and verve in any social situation. Read it and never be lost for words again!” 
Winston Marsh, International Business Authority



How to take the Panic out of public speakingBOOK 3. HOW TO TAKE THE PANIC OUT OF PUBLIC SPEAKING 2nd Edition 
Far from being another boring text book, the latest edition of this tried-and-proven best-seller, the final part of Laurie Smale's Communicate with Confidence trilogy, takes you one incredible step further by showing you how to transfer the conversational naturalness you learnt in Book 2, up before groups so your listeners don't experience you as an uncertain public speaker, they'll connect with you on a human level and feel like you’re talking to them personally - all panic-free! 

ENDORSEMENT of this book:
Thank you so much Laurie for all your Extraordinary help over the years with my presentations. Wishing you continued quintessential success always as you inspire others to their greatness! 

Dr Ann Quinn Peak Performance Specialist (who has worked with Pat Cash, Pat Rafter, Australian Cricket Team members, Aussie Rules players, World Boxing and KickBoxing Champions and multiple Paralympic Gold Medalists)


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So There You Have It in One Exciting 3-Book Series!

Everything you've ever wanted to know about about self-worth and communicating effectiveness in one comprehensive three-book series. So why not cast your fears aside and join the thousands who now communicate with confidence as a direct result of the tried-and-proven ideas and inspirations that await you in these three troves of mind-opening treasure. Make no mistake, they can do the same for you!  

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About the Author

Helping people communicate with Confidence!

Renowned author and speaker Laurie Smale grew up thinking he didn’t amount to much, let alone have anything meaningful to say. So, he began listening to others and their stories, believing his journey of tough social circumstance and a poor education was too shameful and insignificant for anyone to be interested in. Yet by stepping into the world of others and soaking in their wisdom, he came to understand that we can all be interesting human beings whatever our situation or station in life. Laurie Smale is now known for his unique and refreshing panic-free speaking strategies which have helped thousands to believe in themselves and attain personal and professional fulfillment by communicating with confidence.


*All testimonials on this site express the personal views of the writer on how they feel about their experience with my training and publications. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. It's important to note that the results may vary from person to person for we all learn differently. 

Laurie Smale