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 "Fear won't go away if all that you do to get rid of it is hope it will go away."  - Laurie Smale     

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Don't be in a hurry to leave this site for it's not just more inflated hype… Be assured real help is at hand. If you're genuinely serious about banishing your fears for good, carefully read the next two pages for they reveal a panic-free short-cut to being the  Confident, all-round communicator you've always wanted to be! But first, by way of a short video let me expain how and why I can shift your thinking and make this happen for you!

My credentials

My credentials to set you firmly on your new path of communicating confidence are well-earned for I’ve also suffered the fear and panic of more than one humiliating public speaking or conversational disaster! But no more. As a person who now confidently communicates with people and coaches speakers for a living - and have done so for decades - I’ve packaged a life-time of practical wisdom into five mind-opening books and audio programs which embody everything you’ve ever wanted to know about communicating effectiveness. They’ll show you how easy it can be to feel calm and confident as an interesting all-round communicator - whatever the situation - for I’ve been through all the painful trial and error for you. What's more you can keep in touch with me via my contact page on how it's all going and I'll always reply with a helpful comment.

Fear-free products to give you hope and Confidence

Here's what you'll learn from my mind-opening publications::

  • Confidently step forward with self-assurance knowing you've earned the right to be there.
  • The knowledge and know-how to formulate presentation ideas and deliver them with confidence, be it for business, weddings or social occasions
  • Have something to say and Confidently say it in an interesting and natural way
  • Cease to be overwhelmed by the status, talents and successes of other public speakers
  • Replace destructive pre-presentation panic with controlled excitement
  • Make the most of who you are and your unlimited communicating potential - and much more

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*All testimonials on this site express the personal views of the writer on how they feel about their experience with my training and publications. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. It's important to note that the results may vary from person to person for we all learn differently. 

Laurie Smale