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Each of these inspirational products can stand alone as valuable entities unto themselves and are jam-packed with many years of proven, practical ideas and inspirations that really work - whether you’re speaking with one person or in front of a thousand. They can be purchased individually on our secure encrypted system or bought as my comprehensive ‘package deal’ which you'll find explained below. What’s more you can keep in touch with me via my contact page on how it’s all going and I’ll always reply with a helpful comment.

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So here are my tried-and-proven products to help you believe in yourself and communicate effectively - and watch out for my special offer! 

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking

Liberating and self-paced paper back or e-book. This newly revised 2nd edition of my classic best-seller will open your mind to a freedom of expression few people get to experience. Step by easy step, this refreshing approach to public speaking lets you in on the simple secrets of how to confidently be your natural speaking self where people enjoy being in your presence and respect who you are and what you are saying. At the end of each chapter there are self-monitoring exercises to reinforce the simplicity - and communicating power - of what you’ve just experienced. If panic-free public speaking is important to you don’t run the risk of missing out on this one! (Available from all good book stores and online sellers)

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking Paperback

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking Ebook

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking Ebook

5-minute download time in PDF format. (This item available from all good bookstores and online sellers of your choice so won't appear in your E-junkie shopping cart)



Finding me Finding You

Finding me finding you Paper back or e-book. An inspirational, fun-filled journey of self-discovery that will open your mind to who you really are and what you stand for.
Getting you right first is just as important to be successful in life as all the know-how, techniques and practicalities you’ll ever learn. This compelling book reveals how to capitalise on the paths you’ve trod and make the most of who you are and everything you’ve experienced!  (Available from all good book stores and online sellers)

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking Paperback

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking Ebook

How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking Ebook

(This item available from all good bookstores and online sellers of your choice so won't appear in your E-junkie shopping cart)

Finding me Finding you introductory video

An inspirational revealing of how this unique book can transform long-held negativity into self-acceptance, and a whole new view of yourself!


One Step to Panic-Free Public Speaking

 Easy-to-follow audio program on how to speak with Confidence and have your listeners sit up and listen! This inspirational book answers the perplexing question of why some people seem to relish public speaking while you’ve always found it unnerving and hard going. It lets you in on what they're doing so you have the confidence to connect with your listeners on a human level and enjoy public speaking too! It weaves its own panic-free magic and complements my above best-selling book ‘How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking’ perfectly. 

AU$27.00. 5-minute download time mp3 format.  (E-junkie encrypted)




How to Be a Conversational Success!  

 Easy-to-use and confidence-boosting e-book. Ever been part of a crowd and thought, I wish someone would come and talk to me? Well this mind-changing e-book neatly solves this problem with its simple secrets of connecting with people and making friends easily. Be it for business, networking, or just plain pleasure, you'll discover how to strike up a conversation, keep it going, and extricate yourself in a friendly way when you have to go. No more wondering why others have the ‘gift of the gab’ and you somehow missed out!  .Be assured, the practical self-help tips and strategies in this unique e-book work like magic! 

AU$22.50. 5 minute download time in PDF format.  (E-junkie encrypted)




How to Create Your Own Inner Charisma

 .This exciting audio book doesn’t talk about an ''outword' type of charisma in the normal sense of the word; it speaks of something more genuine fthat shines from within. The practical ideas and inspirations this book reveals will show you precisely how to get your share of this rare inner quality too - whether you’re talking with one person or in front of many. It will help you discover your own interactive magic so you consistently step forward with confidence, have something interesting to say, and always leave the right impression! . 

AU$22.50. 5-minute download time mp3 format. (E-junkie encrypted)




  My 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not absolutely delighted with the outcome of any of these products after 60 days from the date of purchase, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price no questions asked.I repeat: each of these mind-expanding products is designed to deliver what they promise, hence my 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee.


Comprehensive Package Deal

Invest in my comprehensive Communicate with Confidence package, which includes all of the above listed products, and you’ll receive my indispensable book ‘How to be a Conversational Success!’ (The vital key to making friends and successful networking) absolutely Free!. * Simply refrain from purchasing ‘How to be a Conversational Success’ online. Then inform me via this website contact page of your purchase of my four other mind-opening products [How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking; Finding me Finding YouOne Step to Panic-Free Public Speaking; and How to Create Your Own Inner Charisma] and where you bought them. You’ll then receive your Free personal copy of this magic little e-book that holds all the secrets of conversational effectiveness by return email.  Of course if this is the one book you wish to get your hands on, like all my other thought-shifting products it can be purchased individually. And keep in touch via my contact page for I'm genuinely interested in how my practical ideas and inspirations are making a difference to your thinking and the way you now interact with others.  

“You can’t lose with my ‘No questions asked’ money back guarantee”

Your future communicating effectiveness is now in your hands so why put it off a moment longer? Have the courage to take that crucial step and order NOW! Once you’ve clicked that link to our secure encrypted system and entered your Pay Pal or credit card details you can begin your rewarding and fulfilling journey of self acceptance and communicating confidence.  And I look forward to being a supporting part of your journey for I will always reply to your comments and queries via my contact page.


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