Panic-Free Public Speaking Courses

New Self-Paced e-Learning Programs to Help You Communicate With Confidence!

Have you ever wondered why some people can effortlessly engage others in an interesting way whether they are talking with one person or in front of a whole room, whereas you always tend to be fearful, full of self-doubt and find it all so traumatic? Does this frustrate you and get you thinking, ‘Why wasn’t I born with this natural talent?’ And do you despair when all else has failed in helping you? Well if you said yes to any or all of these questions, real solutions are at hand in the form of the following 4 mind-opening Communicating with Confidence e-courses and programs with one big difference: You get Laurie Smale as your personal speaking coach as well for life absolutely free! These programs can be purchased separately or you can take advantage of this priceless font of practical wisdom with his Generous Package Deal. Tried and proven over many years, these ideas and inspirations are refreshingly different from anything else out there for there are no outdated public speaking and body-language ‘rules’ to worry about getting wrong! Jam-packed with more than 30 years of hard-earned easy-to-use strategies, real life examples you can relate to, and a simple pathway to follow, inspirational speaker, author and Master speaking Coach Laurie Smale will lead you to being the Confident Speaker you’ve always wanted to be - Guaranteed or your money back!

Right now you might be thinking, “But I want practical help in a public speaking course near where I live so I get real feedback in front of a real audience to overcome my public speaking fear!… And I won’t get this human interaction from cold words on a page!”  Well think again. Let me assure you the ideas and inspirations in this e-training program literally live and breathe and are everything but a sterile bunch of words. In fact they’re so easy to follow and make so much practical sense you'll be confidently putting them into practice in front of people before you know it! The whole idea is to get you to see things differently and quickly have you speaking with confidence in those work and social situations you’d normally avoid. Unbelievable as it may sound pretty soon you’ll have the courage to join some friendly work committee, community group, or public speaking club with me as your secret coach to help with any communicating task you may be asked to perform.

Added Bonus!

Just to restate that the above coaching commitment is genuine, don’t forget that investing in any of these mind-expanding products buys Laurie as your personal ‘Communicating with Confidence’ coach for life where help in guiding you to speaking success is always only an email away. How do you value unlimited cost-free professional help like that?   So you really can’t lose… Now is the time to take that first decisive step in saying goodbye to your debilitating fears and begin your very own panic-free journey of speaking Confidence whatever the situation, whoever you may be, or whatever your station in life.

Before we look at your special deal it’s important we quickly summarise these 4 mind-opening learning programs that make up this unique package of Communicating Confidence!

Being The Confident Speaker You Want to Be!

All encompassing self-paced e-course, opens your mind to a freedom of expression few people get to experience by obeying none of those outdated public speaking ‘rules!’… And ‘getting things wrong’ is one fear you could do without!

This comprehensive self-paced e-learning program is based entirely on the myriad of questions that keep cropping up over the decades I’ve been helping people rid themselves of their public speaking fears. Questions like: “What about my nerves?”, “What do I say?”, “What about my hands?”, “What if I make a fool of myself?”, “What if I go red?” and “What if I go blank?” All of these questions have been answered and each replaced with an easy-to-use strategy in this life-changing program. Because this program is in the written word, you have time to read, mull over, fill in the workbook, and reflect on how you will apply each practical idea to your world. But most of all, by obeying none of the hard-and-fast public speaking ‘rules’ you’ll be free to stand tall, look your listeners in the eye, and confidently speak as the imperfect human being you are so people respect who you are and what you are saying. This is what makes this exciting public speaking course so refreshingly different.

Retail price AU$277.00. 5-minute download time in PDF format. Adobe operating system required to use it.


One Step to Panic-Free Public Speaking

If there was one simple step to show you the way to panic-free public speaking you’d probably want to know about it right?… Well this easy-to-follow audio program shows you this simple step and reveals the simplicity of it all so you speak with Confidence and have your listeners sit up and listen!I

Here, this mind-opening audio program reinforces the written ideas you learnt in ‘Being The Confident Speaker You Want To Be!’ by tapping into another of our learning senses – listening. This inspirational audio program totally destroys the myth that only those born with the ‘gift of the gab’ can be good public speakers. Hey, all sorts of personalities make interesting public speakers and the same goes for you! You’ll also learn how to side step the ‘fear of getting something wrong’ by simply bypassing all those public speaking ‘rules’ and body language techniques we’ve been conditioned to think have to be perfected – and be free to express yourself as the natural human being you are. By peeling away the mystery of it all you’ll learn that effective public speaking comes down to three simple tenets: Knowing your own self-worth, having something to say, and being able to confidently say this in an interesting way. And isn’t this what you really want? Although the panic-free principles are the same and specifically designed to complement the above program, this learning experience is an entity unto itself that can stand alone with its own examples and practical inspirations.

Retail price AU$97.00. 5-minute download time mp3 format (can be copied or burnt to disc). Operating system required ITunes Microsoft Multimedia.


How to Be a Conversational Success

Mind-changing e-training book. The simple secrets of being a ‘sparkling conversationalist’ and making friends easily… No more standing alone thinking “I wish someone would come and talk to me!” and wondering why others have ‘the gift of the gab’ and you somehow missed out.

Be it for business, networking, or just plain pleasure, this easy-to-use e-training book shows you how to start a conversation, keep it going, and leave a positive lasting impression every time. Be assured, the practical self-help tips and strategies in this e-training program work like magic! The added bonus is Laurie’s unlimited email coaching for that extra practical inspiration!

Retail price AU$57.00. 5-minute download time in PDF format. Adobe operating system required to use it. 



How to Create Your Own Charisma

Inspirational audio program: Helps you discover your own interactive magic so you step forward with Confidence, have something interesting to say, and leave the right impression! Just think what this sort of communicating confidence would mean to you!

Here we complement all three other programs by again activating the auditory learning button by listening. This further cements exciting new ideas in place to help you to banish your fears. And let’s face it; it’s nice to be completely at ease to freely interact with people. Being afraid of being the centre of attention and having all eyes upon you often comes down to elements of you being uneasy of where you’ve been and where you’re at for until we’re okay with who we are and where we’ve been we can never really communicate with confidence. We waste our precious time worrying about people finding out the so-called ‘truth’ about us. This inspirational program sorts all this out so you’ll be able to walk into a room knowing your own worth, attract people like a magnet, and make friends easily. 

Retail price AU$57.00. 5-minute download time mp3 format (can be copied or burnt to disc). Operating system required ITunes Microsoft Multimedia.

Total Retail Value of This Communicating with Confidence Package: AU $488.00


Your Special Package-Deal

If you buy ‘Being the Confident Speaker You Want to Be!’ AU $277.00 now, you get ALL THREE of the other listed life-changing programs ABSOLUTELY FREE!  And this includes unlimited email access to me as your personal speaking coach for life!

Your future interactive and speaking effectiveness is now in your hands. So why put it off a moment longer?  Have the courage to take that first step and Order NOW!  Once you’ve clicked that link to our secure system and entered your credit card details you can begin your rewarding and fulfilling journey of Communicating with Confidence… And I look forward to being a helpful part of this journey with you.


Laurie Smale
Professional Speaker 
Author and Master Speaking Coach

P.S. There is no doubt that from the very start the above programs will open your mind to your Confident Speaking possibilities as you move forward at your own pace with Laurie as your email coach. Should you wish to rapidly accelerate the process you may consider one of Laurie’s inspirational one-to-one life-changing coaching sessions?  To find out more  click here.