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Public Speaking Melbourne

The universal voice 'out there' keeps telling us that public speaking is one of the most terrifying things that one can experience. In fact many consider it a fate worse than death! This universal truth fuels the general belief that public speaking is inherently scary. But how much 'truth' is there in this widely held belief and what is this 'rock solid' tenet founded on?

Well the 'truth' in this general belief is founded on hearsay and collective negative experience. When people experience public speaking disasters - as most people do - and talk about how they felt and the terrible symptoms they suffered, as time goes by the undeniable 'facts' about public speaking establish themselves as part of our thinking. Namely, public speaking is inherently nerve wracking and to be avoided.

So here we have a self-fulfilling prophecy where we actually talk ourselves into feeling uncomfortable when speaking before groups because that's just how things are and always will be. We're locked into a never-ending habit pattern of public speaking failure, defined by some horrific public speaking experience we've had in the past. I too was trapped on this endless treadmill of public speaking uneasiness for many years.

I don't know if you remember your first attempt at speaking before a group. I certainly do. It was at my friend's 17th birthday party. I remember some kind soul suggesting, "Laurie give us a speech". Before I knew it I was standing in front of all my friends, shaking uncontrollably with a microphone in my hand. I can still see the expectant look on their faces. But I let them down badly. My heart was thumping, my knees were knocking, I had a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit, and the arm that was holding the microphone was waving all over the place. I tried to say something - anything! But nothing came out. Totally humiliated, I sat down without a word. The habit pattern of being a born speaking failure had been cast. From then on any time I got up to speak this unsettling experience came back to haunt me.


Twenty years later I finally saw the light and changed my thinking into habit patterns of communicating success. I'd stumbled on a whole new approach where I'm now a confident, friendly speaker where my listeners feel that I'm talking to them personally. I'm now off that debilitating treadmill of fear and my thinking is no longer governed by that universal 'voice' that says, "Public speaking can only be scary". I'm now in control of my own person and my own ideas. I no longer focus entirely on my own perceived shortcomings; instead, I focus on the message I want to get across and how I can deliver this in an interesting way. I now know that it's all about my listeners and not about me. But most of all I now believe that I can do it and have the conviction and tools to do the job.

Be assured, one of my inspirational presentations or life-changing coaching sessions will short-circuit the painful journey I've had to travel and hand you/your people my hard-earned secrets on a platter.

Public Speaking Melbourne

Laurie Smale Inspirational Speaker
"Australia's Voice on Communicating Effectiveness"
Keynotes, Breakouts, After-Dinner

Conference Speaker

All my presentations, breakout sessions, and seminars are interactive and specially customised to suit the audience of the moment, be it a corporate, community, or staff development setting.

The purpose of all my presentations is to transform participant self-doubt and fear into useable communicating confidence - whatever the situation.



Laurie, a personal note of thanks for your wonderful effort as keynote speaker at our 63rd Annual General Meeting and dinner. With Olympic Gold Medallist Kieran Perkins as keynote speaker at another function we held last year you had a hard act to follow! But you more than met the challenge with your inspirational presentation on effective networking and relating to others. The feedback I’ve received is that you’re up there with the best of them. Not only were you entertaining, your practical insights will be of real value because they’re so easy to use. You left a room full of people with the firm knowledge that they can now network with confidence to successfully promote their business and the region as a whole.

Malcolm Bradbury
Business Wangaratta
Wangaratta Chamber of Commerce Inc.

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Laurie Smale : Inspirational Speaker and Speech Coach Here's how I was once introduced to a group of meeting planners:

Laurie Smale, renowned author and inspirational speaker has changed the lives of thousands. His customised fun-filled presentations and break-out sessions reveal the simple secrets of why some people can be a sparkling conversationalist with one person and do the same with a thousand! His meticulous research ensures that he relates to his audience, speaks their language, and positively deals with their problems in a practical way.

Positive things I strive to ensure ‘has happened' to delegates' thinking at the end of one of my presentations:

  • A transformed belief system from "I can't" to "I now can!"
  • The knowledge and know-how to formulate ideas and deliver them in an interesting way with confidence
  • Cease to be overwhelmed by the status, talents, and successes of others
  • Make the most of who they are and their unlimited communicating potential ... and much more

Speaking Topics include, but not confined to:

  • How to Beat the Nerves in a Business Presentation
  • How to Make the Most of Networking Opportunities
  • How to Sell Yourself, Your Ideas, and Your Services with Confidence!
  • Successful Teamwork Relies on You
  • Conversation Effectiveness; the Little Known Secret to Social and Business Success!

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*All testimonials on this site express the personal views of the writer on how they feel about their experience with my training and publications. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. It's important to note that the results may vary from person to person for some fears are so profound they need extra help. This is where my promise of ongoing coaching comes in so you stay on your new path of speaking confidence and are never left to flounder.

Laurie Smale