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Fearful of a looming presentation that keeps you awake at night worrying about what to do and what to say so you somehow get through it all and survive? Well you can rest easy. I won't only show you how to 'survive' it all, I'll show you how to put it all together and deliver it with Confidence so people sit up and listen - Fast! These dramatic long-term results all happen in one mind-opening, half-day coaching session where you'll now be able to prepare, then deliver that speech or presentation with Confidence the very next day so people respect who you are and what you are saying! And once you have done it successfully, you'll now have the know-how and Confidence to do it again and again! If your time is precious and this is important to you and your career, read the rest of this page as well as my Home Page to find out how I can make this happen for you too!

In today's fast-moving world many people are seeking immediate answers to the demands on their communicating effectiveness - especially when speaking in meetings and before groups. And this affects everyone, no matter what field you happen to be in or your station in life. Make no mistake, the right public speaking coaching, tailored specifically to your needs, can play a vital role in your success and the influence you have on others. The difference with this coaching is it delivers the results you want in one exciting 4-hour session - Guaranteed or your money back! 

The good news is my public speaking coaching here in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, is not a long drawn out operation where we've got to see you again and again over a long period of time. My tried-and-proven half day coaching session (with ongoing coaching support) has evolved over many years into a mind-opening learning experience where you'll learn to think and communicate effectively on your own two feet from then on.

When Allen Williams, a respected Managing Director of a large organization first contacted me, he was extremely concerned with a presentation he had to give at a conference before a group of scientists in Canberra. He confessed that he'd always been terrified of speaking before groups and had never felt comfortable. Here, in his own words is what Allen said three months after our half-day coaching session:

It's been three months since I experienced your half-day, one-on-one coaching course and I would like to report that IT WORKS!

Before making your acquaintance I found it very difficult to prepare for and execute a talk to a large audience. It seemed that no matter how detailed my speech I always felt that I was boring them to death. Knocking knees, dry throat and losing the place in my carefully prepared text exacerbated this.

Since you showed me the light, I've had a number of opportunities to talk with large, medium and small gatherings and I just love having them in the palm of my hand. The easy conversational communication, which you showed me, attracts listeners and holds them.

Once again many thanks for your contribution; it's certainly made my life easier and more rewarding.
Allen Williams

And like wise with Jean. She was so dominated by the fear of public speaking that the mere thought of attending a public speaking course terrified her. When I suggested one of my non-threatening one-on-one coaching sessions to tackle her debilitating fear she felt a lot better. At session's end Jean’s thinking had dramatically shifted with regard to her confident speaking possibilities. She walked away more than eager to give it all a go.  What's more she's since proven to herself that this dramatic change was real and not just a warm and fuzzy one-day wonder. Here's how she puts it:

Many thanks Laurie for helping me cure my crippling fear of speaking to an audience. Since completing your half-day coaching course I have had to present many times and although initially nervous, I speak comfortably and confidently. I am no longer afraid. I can walk to the front of an audience without feeling weak with fear, which is extremely liberating. My husband has noticed the difference; he has said to me on numerous occasions that he can see that I now enjoy public speaking. And my university marks have reflected my new ability to express myself well - thanks to you.

Laurie, your job is a noble one. You have helped me enormously and I love your work.

Jean Baigent

Ongoing Help

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, help doesn’t stop at the end of this exciting learning experience for I’m only an email away whenever you need me. Nerelie Teese sums this up nicely:

Hi Laurie

Thanks for your great tips, support and encouragement. When my principal welcomed everyone, he announced that I'd been invited to present a professional practice paper at the IASL annual conference in Jamaica in August. He indicated to me earlier that our school will promote this in our local community and that I'll be featured in the Melbourne Weekly. Of course I'll be consulting you about my Jamaica presentation which is "Introducing and Establishing a Wide Reading Program in the Middle Years of Schooling" - which is much more interesting and exciting than it looks!

Again, my sincere thanks for all you've done in encouraging me to go for these fantastic experiences. It's such fun.

Nerelie Teese
Australian Bush Poet & Author, Speaker and Teacher Librarian.

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*All testimonials on this site express the personal views of the writer on how they feel about their experience with my training and publications. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. It's important to note that the results may vary from person to person for some fears are so profound they need extra help. This is where my promise of ongoing coaching comes in so you stay on your new path of speaking confidence and are never left to flounder.

Laurie Smale