Overcoming Presentation Skills Fear Melbourne

If there are two key things I've learned the hard way from my many years as a speaker and presentation skills trainer and coach, they are these: know your product/services and know yourself.

Now the first, with a bit of effort and research, is relatively easy. It's the second, 'knowing yourself' that's the hard part. For if we are not 100% comfortable with who we are and see ourselves as some kind of fake or fraud who just happened to 'fluke' our position we'll find it extremely difficult to convince people of anything in our presentations no matter how familiar we are with our products. Most of our message will be lost for all they'll see is someone whose prime purpose is to get their presentation over and done with as quickly as possible and sit down.

Effective presentation skills have got to be delivered by someone who stands tall and can look their listeners in the eye. These speakers move, connect, and relate to people. They are in control of their thinking and what they are saying instead of standing there as victims consumed with their own fears.

Helping people rid themselves of their public speaking apprehensions and anxieties in one exciting half-day session (with continued coaching support) is what I specialise in. 

When Venessa Smit, Manager, client Management, Australian Bureau of Statistics Victoria, faced the dilemma of an inexperienced team having to present an intensive training schedule to the public the following week, her prior experience with my training came to mind and she called on me to give them the confidence and know-how to effectively do the job with one of my half-day sessions. And of course, as soon as they'd confidently presented the training schedule once, they could do it again and again. Here, in her own words is how Venessa views the remarkable outcome:

I just wanted to write and thank you for the presentation skills training you provided to my staff and myself. The main need immediately facing us was providing an intensive training schedule to our customers yet none of our presenters had been involved in giving these types of presentations before. In addition, we are constantly talking to groups of people in our day-to-day work. But to do this type of work effectively requires us to be comfortable and confident when speaking to groups of strangers.

The morning we spent with you was very valuable, teaching us techniques to overcome the fears we previously had. Subsequently our training schedule has been carried out with much more ease and less stress than originally thought. My staff are now comfortable speaking to a room full of strangers - something they thought they'd never be!

The resources you left us have been great to refer back to and provide constant hints and reminders on panic-free public speaking.

We appreciate you being able to fit us in to your schedule at short notice when we needed it most.


And I can do the same for you or your people. Anything is simple when you know how. I'd love the opportunity to reveal my hard earned secrets on just how easy presenting skilfully and confidently can be.

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*All testimonials on this site express the personal views of the writer on how they feel about their experience with my training and publications. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. It's important to note that the results may vary from person to person for some fears are so profound they need extra help. This is where my promise of ongoing coaching comes in so you stay on your new path of speaking confidence and are never left to flounder.

Laurie Smale