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When I first began my career in public speaking training and effective communication skills more than 30 years ago here in Melbourne I was locked into the notion of the longer training program that was held over a few weeks so people could practice their speaking skills. After all, wasn't this the tried-and-proven way things had always been done - and the only way?

It wasn't long before I realized that things had changed. Nowadays people simply don't have the time for the longer training program. Yet they still want the same results in speaking confidence. And they want these results overnight! In short they want the impossible. I had to figure out a way to deliver it.

It took me 10 years to formulate a program to condense the traditional longer public speaking course into one, mind-opening, half-day training session specifically designed to set people up to use their work and life situations as  places to practice what they’ve learnt - with my continued support. This scenario gives them the confidence to seek out speaking opportunities and grow rather than continue to hide from them and stay where they are. 

Here's what Bill Farmer, General Manager of ITT Industries, the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of pumps with an annual turnover of more than 4 billion dollars, has to say about my customised public speaking training programs:

I felt compelled to write this letter of thanks for the wonderful work you did in having our team believe in themselves as speakers and communicate with confidence at our recent conference.

As you may recall my concerns were twofold;

  • Our management team's previous conference presentation efforts left a lot to be desired and;
  • This conference had to work, as very senior people from our parent company were to be in attendance.

You did not let us down. Not only were you inspirational as our keynote speaker at our end-of-conference dinner, all our presenters, including those presenting for the first time, were highly appraised by delegates as a direct result of your personal coaching. The amazing thing is you achieved this in one session!

On a personal note, you peeled away the mystery and helped me discover the confident speaker in me I wasn't even aware of. And for that I thank you most sincerely.

Bill Farmer

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*All testimonials on this site express the personal views of the writer on how they feel about their experience with my training and publications. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. It's important to note that the results may vary from person to person for some fears are so profound they need extra help. This is where my promise of ongoing coaching comes in so you stay on your new path of speaking confidence and are never left to flounder.

Laurie Smale